Monday, January 3

The Erotic Thrills of Chloe Vevrier & SaRenna Lee

First published in SCORE July 1997, this is one of the all-time classic girl-girl pictorials. Busty super-legends SaRenna Lee and Chloe Vevrier were filmed in John Graham's London SCORE studio. They met each other again several times over the ensuing decade and sailed on Boob Cruises in 1995, 1997 and 1998. Chloe and SaRenna's paths to becoming world-famous models couldn't have been more different. Chloe grew up in East Germany, SaRenna in Florida. "I had a friend in the modeling business and she encouraged me to try," Chloe said. "'With a body like yours, you should get into it,' she told me. I first modeled underwear, and then what we called underground fashion shows. The catwalk was the only way for people to see any skin. The purpose was to model clothing, but the shows were attended by people who, in America, go to see strippers.

Friday, December 10

SaRenna And Minka

On Mammazon Island, SaRenna and Minka couldn't decide whether to concentrate on each others' boobs or on each others' pussies, so they compromised and decided to concentrate on both. It's the most intimate stuff they've ever done and that's counting the Boob Cruises they have been on together. There's only one sight in the world better than a pair of big tits in a tropical setting, and that's two pairs of big tits in a tropical setting. On this day, for Minka and SaRenna, the opportunity was ripe for them to get to know each other better. Licking and squeezing and bumping their massive facewarmers only hardened their nipples more. And then the shaving started. This is the complete pictorial from April 2002 SCORE Magazine. For even more Tit-anic thrills, log-on to, packed and stacked with hundreds of digital pictorials of Tit-ans Kayla, Minka, Casey James, Maxi Mounds, SaRenna and Plenty UpTopp that will never be seen in print. Their two-hour video, Mega-Boob Olympics, is one of the most unique and novel big-tit videos ever made.

Sunday, November 7

Super SCORE Showgirl

"I danced quite a bit in school," said SaRenna Lee. "I love jazz and modeling...I just love entertaining. And I didn't want to be another struggling actress in Hollywood, waitressing and not doing what I love. I thought maybe this (exotic dancing and nude modeling) could be a real big stepping stone for me to do other fun projects, maybe independent films, so this was my outlet to entertain and do what I wanted to do. And I succeeded, thank goodness." SaRenna was asked if she dresses to show off her chest. "Probably not, out of respect for myself. First of all, women can be brutally cruel, even in front of their children. Men are pretty cool about it. They use their peripheral vision and they're kind of shy, but woman can be pretty vicious. I'm really sensitive. I probably wouldn't dress up. I'm pretty low key about it, unless I'm going out with my bosom buddies and we're going to a place at night, someplace more open-minded. It has to be the right environment, definitely."

Monday, October 11

Toys Are For Adults Too

Always picture-perfect and immaculate when the cameras rolled or when she was making public appearances at clubs and adult conventions, SaRenna Lee might have a few comments to make about how so many models today look like they just rolled out of bed when they go on-camera. "I love playing dress-up," SaRenna said. "I love fetishy clothes and I love when a makeup artist makes me beautiful, but in the real world, I'm just a Levi's jeans kind of girl. I love wearing a white, men's dress shirt, and I try to make my beauty routine as simple as possible. I don't like taking a lot of time for it. I'm a very natural, beachy kind of girl. I like it that way. This might be a surprise to readers: "Most of the guys I've had relationships with weren't breast enthusiasts. They liked butts and feet. I don't know why they liked me. They got used to them and they dealt with them, but they didn't originally come to me for that reason. Then, by the time the relationship fizzled, they were breast-men more than they were before. I've converted some guys. I don't why I'm not getting big-boob men. What's wrong with me?"

Thursday, September 16

Miss Lee's Corset

SaRenna is a sight for sore eyes in this pictorial. She almost looks like something out of a dream: the fluffy, white top, the massive cleavage, the stockings and garters. But SaRenna isn't a figment of your imagination. She's the real deal. That doesn't mean that you can't dream about her, though. In fact, how could you not? We hope you have some sweet dreams tonight!

Wednesday, August 11

SaRenna Wet On The Couch

There are a few things that are more exciting than SaRenna Lee gettin' totally nude on a wet look naughahyde couch. Frankly, we can't think of what they are, 'cause our boners are smacking against our foreheads after looking at this set. SaRenna's facial expression suggests she wants us to flood her spectacular stack with fresh splooge. We'd happily oblige. As usual, her creamy skin and perfectly trimmed quim boil our ball juice instantly. Nuthin' fancy here, dudes. Just SaRenna doin' what she does best -- make you spray hunks of spunk. Yabbadabbadoo!